WTF’s Marc Maron is taping a special in NYC. We found tickets under $50.

Fans of Marc Maron‘s “WTF” know that he begins every episode with stories about his life.

Whether it’s recapping what he’s eaten that week, discussing relationships with friends or explaining how his most recent gig went down, Maron has a gift for making listeners feel like they’re there.

Well, on Thursday, Dec. 8, you can be there.

That night, Maron will perform back-to-back 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. shows at New York City’s Town Hall taping his new HBO special.

While we don’t know what the “GLOW” star’s material will cover, he did share, “It’s been a hard few years and the hour I’ve been working on is very provocative and personal. I trust HBO to present it properly because they have the courage to have a point of view as a network. AND they get the deep funny,” in a statement accompanying the network’s press release.

Best of all, tickets to the pair of NYC shows aren’t too expensive.

So, if you’re planning on going to the early show at 7 p.m., prices start at $46 before fees on Vivid Seats.

Lower level orchestra seats are available for $59 before fees.

For those attending the 9:30, tickets can be found for as low as $61 before fees.

All prices were found at the time of publication and are subject to fluctuation.

Prior to these performances, Maron will play two shows at Asheville, North Carolina’s Orange Peel on Dec. 2 at 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

How to listen to WTF

Although Maron cut his teeth as a comic for two decades before falling into hosting a podcast, WTF is where he truly made his name.

Want to sit back and catch a few back episodes?

Now you can.

All episodes— including interviews with notable guests like President Barack Obama, Bruce Springsteen, and of course, Gallagher— can be heard on Maron’s WTF+ app for just $5 a month.

You can listen here.

The app also features listener Q&A, movie reviews, chats with special guests, stand-up routines, and “anything else (Maron) can think of doing into a microphone,” according to his website.

How to stream “Maron”

From 2013-16, Maron starred in a semi-autobiographical series on IFC.

Over the course of four seasons, audiences saw Maron grapple with inept assistants and possums as well as heavy issues like family issues, therapy and addiction.

In a 2015 review, The AV Club praised the sitcom saying it “(doesn’t) rely on cheap humor or saccharine moments to goose the stories, but allow(s) both comedy and drama to flow organically from a sincere, open-minded place.”

You can stream all four seasons here for $1.99 apiece.

“To Leslie” movie

Earlier this year, BlueWater Lane Productions released the drama “To Leslie” with Andrea Risenborough, Allison Janney and Maron in the lead roles.

The film tells the story of Leslie (Risenborough), a troubled, alcoholic Texan who misspent her lottery winnings years ago.

In the present day, she sleeps outside motels and is subsequently found by one of the proprietors named Sweeney (Maron).

From there, our lips are sealed. No spoilers.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an impressive 98% Fresh on the Tomatometer and the critical consensus is that the film’s “familiar framework is granted extra depth through a stellar Andrea Riseborough and a sensitive and nuanced approach to the cycle of addiction.”

Sound good?

Rent the film for $3.99 on Amazon Prime here.

Marc Maron books

Want to get even deeper into Maron’s brain?

Maron’s comedic memoirs “Attempting Normal” and “The Jerusalem Syndrome” as well as a collection of excerpts from WTF “Waiting For The Punch” are all available on Amazon Prime.

Marc Maron comedy specials

Over the years, Maron has steadily released a handful of specials taking audiences to where he was at emotionally and comedically in that particular part of his life.

Here’s where you can watch all four of them as soon as…now.

• “Thinky Pain” (2013) is available on Amazon

•  “More Later” (2015) is available on Amazon for $3.99

• “Too Real” (2017) is available on Netflix

• “End Times Fun” (2020) is available on Netflix

Comedians on tour in 2023

Comedy nerds, we come bearing good news.

Many of the funniest acts around are shlepping their material all over North America next year.

Here are just five can’t miss comics you won’t want to miss when they come to a city near you.

• Jerry Seinfeld

• Katt Williams

• Jim Gaffigan

• Jo Koy

Bert Kreischer

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