‘The Crown’ fans stumped by ‘schoolgirl error’ in first episode of new season

“The Crown” Season 5 premiered Wednesday — and eagle-eyed fans have already spotted an inaccuracy in the first episode.

In the opening scene, Queen Elizabeth II, played by Imelda Staunton, delivers a speech at a dairy factory in the Lancashire town of Warton. In the shot is a dairy tanker that bears the name “Morecombe” — the incorrect spelling of Morecambe, a nearby town.

At first, fans were ecstatic the town was mentioned on the premiere, but they were quickly disappointed by the spelling error.

“Never mind the historical inaccuracies of #TheCrown .. they’ve spelt Morecambe wrong !!!” BBC radio host Graham Liver wrote.

“@TheCrownNetflix seriously? You do know that ‘Morecombe’ doesn’t exist and ‘Morecambe’ does? Think you need to sack a few researchers. I’m shocked such a schoolgirl error was made. Bet you thought no one would notice…. #TheCrown #netflix #morecambe #lancashire,” another quipped.

THE CROWN, Seaon 5, Episode 1
“The Crown” had a spelling error in the first episode of Season 5.

This isn’t the series’ first eyebrow-raiser. It’s already documented that Season 5 will skate past many events and reflect a mix of historical facts and Hollywood pizzazz.

The new season follows the royal family’s ups and downs in the 1990s. The first episode recalled Charles and Diana’s 1991 trip to Italy — 10 years after their wedding and a year before their separation — while the final episode is set in July 1997, a month before Princess Diana’s untimely death.

"The Crown" spelled the name of a town incorrectly in the first episode of Season 5.
“‘Morecombe’ doesn’t exist and ‘Morecambe’ does,” one angry fan tweeted.

British screen legend Judi Dench and former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and John Major have expressed concern over the show’s accuracy. Both men are portrayed on the new season.

Queen Elizabeth II, played by Imelda Staunton
Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth II in “The Crown” Season 5.

Earlier this week, two of the show’s creative production members shared how a stolen prop used in Episode 6 almost sent police on a murder investigation.

Season 5 of “The Crown” is now streaming on Netflix.

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